September TBR

The Last Magician is a DNF. Maybe I'm just not in a place where I'm not looking to read fantasy, but I think the real reason is it just wasn't offering anything new or interesting. More TBR for this month!

August TBR

This TBR is still really exciting for me. I really plugged through a lot of the ones on my list last month, so here's hoping this month's are just as gratifying! I'm still reading The Last Magician, because although it hasn't been my cup of tea so far, I feel like if I just make it far enough I'll find something to like.

Science Fiction Is Not About the Aliens

Science Fiction is scary because it asks readers to cast their minds forward into the unknown, rather than, say, backward into fantastical versions of human history. But good science fiction isn't actually about the aliens and the robots. It's about universal problems we all have intimate knowledge of—love and hate as transcendent emotions; grief and … Continue reading Science Fiction Is Not About the Aliens