Back to School

Creater: Oryu

Rating: 5 out of 5.

So, after re-reading this I forgot how much I actually love this webtoon. Also, I know I said in my last webtoon review that I’m stingy with my 5 star reviews. Well….I guess I’ve only been reviewing webtoons I really liked..oops. This one is definitely not for the faint of heart but it is nowhere near the killing stalking level of messed up. It’s a love triangle between a masculine uke (my fav) and two very different semes.

Chiwoo’s got issues. Upon returning to school after the “incident” last year, he vows to keep to himself and stay out of trouble until graduation. Easier said than done: his bad boy reputation has made him the talk of the school, and Kyujin – class president and model student – won’t stop being friendly. Trouble arrives soon enough in the shape of Jihyun, a tattooed hunk from Chiwoo’s dark past. It’s gonna be a tough year…

Our sleepy main character, Cha Chiwoo, might be one of my all time favorite webtoon characters. He’s tough on the outside and a softie on the inside. Chiwoo is just starting to get used to school life again when Jihyun comes back and ruins everything. All these characters are well written for a webtoon and I adore the art.

Kyujin is our puppy and definitely the one you will be rooting for (unless you have some seriously deep rooted issues). He’s always got golden retriever energy—unless you’re messing with Chiwoo. I also loved how Kyujin just straight up told his friends he had feelings for Chiwoo and they were supportive and tried to give him advice.

Normally, I am all for the hot, and brooding man with a tragic back story. However, Song Jihyun’s father did an irreversible number on him. I don’t want to spoil anything but rather than having actual feelings of love It’s more like obsession.

Author’s note

I loved this webtoon. The storytelling and the dynamic between the three was unique and very well-done. I absolutely cannot wait for more from this creator, and if anyone knows how I can get a physical copy (if possible), let me know because I need it. Also, this is not a superspicy webtoon, but the creater did make a Back to School: All Grown Up with more 🌶 🌶 …

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