You turn off the autopilot and lift the hovercraft out of the glowing streams of drifting vehicles. Sounds filter through the thick metal: honks and ads, and that subtle electric hum that seems to underlie everything. You accelerate, matching the breakneck speed of your thoughts.

And slowly, they quiet. The city is beautiful.

Absolutely no one asked for this but if anyone needs a good playlist to write your sci-fi novels to…I got you. Reminiscent of the best sci fi on Netflix, Altered Carbon, or Blade Runner.

Spotify: link (has some more/different songs cause not all of them were on spotify)

Youtube: link

1. SUPERSEX420 – da b00ty brigade

2. Daft Punk – Tribute – honestly any of their songs would work & im emo about their breakup

3. Tame Impala – Let it Happen

4. MGMT – Little Dark Age

5. 우효 – 청춘

6. Flight Facilities – Heart Attack (ft. Owl Eyes)

7. The Internet – Girl (ft. KAYTRANADA)

8. Seven Lions – Days to Come (ft. Fiora)

9. Thomas Azier – Ghostcity

10. Lorn – Sega Sunset

11. The Midnight – Shadows

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